Program Description and Purpose:

The boys2MEN (b2M) program founded by the Crowley Foundation provides free and low-cost education and empowerment curriculum designed to teach social skills and offer mentoring opportunities to young men.  The b2M program provides ongoing access to positive male leadership and seeks to inspire young men to realize their potential.


Program Operation and Logistics:

The boys2MEN Programs are three (3) tier in nature.

An annual 1-day workshop every November, typically involves 100 young men.  Facilitated by Crowley Foundation with the assistance of community leaders.

A week-long Leadership Summit every June, usually involves 30 young men.  Currently held on the campus of University of Colorado – Boulder. Facilitated by Crowley Foundation with the assistance of college students.

Several career workshops, held throughout the year.  Usually involves between 20-40 young men depending on the career field.  Facilitated by Crowley Foundation and the hosting business.  Past career workshops include medical and dental… we’re currently working on an aviation workshop!


    • MindSet – Paradigm Shift
    • Practical Solutions to Confronting Issues
    • Resource Material
    • Community Contacts and Increased Networks
    • Exposure to Community Leaders
    • Exposure to Legal, Social, Economic, and Developmental Issues
Recreational Follow-upMini Career Workshopsboys2MEN Leadership Summit

In 2014 after the annual b2M workshop, Crowley Foundation hosted an “Bowling Fun Night” at Brunswick Zone in Aurora, Colorado.  A total of 30 young men met with their mentor and competed in a bowling match.  The downtime was needed and help fuse their bond in a relaxed setting.  Follow-up is important so the young men can connect with their mentor.

The career workshops was also implemented after the 2014 boys2MEN workshop.  Many of the young men expressed their interests in shadowing with career professionals.  Our goal is to provide the opportunities for the young men to learn about different careers. On February 21, 2015 we hosted the first medical workshop on the campus of the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medial Campus.  Dominic Martinez, Sr. Director of the Office of Inclusion and Outreach recruited some of his passionate colleagues to facilitate the workshop.  The young men received hands-on lessons in suturing and how to fill a cavity. Future mini career workshops are on the horizon.

Crowley Foundation collaborated with the University of Colorado in Boulder in June, 2015 to host a 3 day retreat for 20 young men.  The mentors consisted of six college young men from various universities.  The three days entailed sessions of effective communication, vision writing, discovering your characteristics as a leader, networking, portraits of me and how to build a brotherhood of trust amongst your peers. The summit was a huge success that will grow stronger in numbers and support each year.



The boys2MEN workshop is a registered tradename/trademark of The Crowley Foundation Inc