In-State & Out-of-State Campus Tours

Campus tours are an essential component of the college preparatory program.  Students transitioning out of high school sometimes select a college/university to attend without visiting first to solidify their decision.  Once they arrive and realize after the first semester they made a bad decision, they want to transfer somewhere else or just come home.  This is why visiting the campus before you attend is vitally important.  To date the Crowley Foundation has toured 7 in-state campuses (300+ students), 60% have chosen to attend one of the colleges that we toured and 1 out of state campus tour to Langston University (10 students) 3 seniors received acceptance letters, 1 student received the Crowley Foundation/Langston University scholarship and Langston’s Higher Regent scholarship.  Also, one of the students received a $500 book stipend.

Campus Tours

The tours are available for students in grade 8-12 statewide.  Each tour is designed for our students which include peer to peer interactions, personal conversation with department heads, Q & A with Financial Aid and meet & greet with student activity board.  After the tour each student receives a school t-shirt, information packet and a free lunch.

Why Visit Colleges?

A key part of deciding which college to go to is finding a good fit. And a great way to get more information is to visit the colleges in person.

Of course, visiting colleges may not be possible for everyone, but it’s a good idea to make the trips, if you can. It can help you determine whether a college is the right place for you.

Get a Firsthand View

A campus visit is your opportunity to get a firsthand view of a college. A college catalog, brochure or website can only show you so much. To really get a feel for the college, you need to walk around the quad, sit in on a class and visit the dorms.

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