ACTtest-taking ccpTest Preparation Workshops

The Practice ACT/SAT Test & Score-back is a component of the college preparatory program. The practice test is administered to students in grades 8th through 12 in Colorado.  Through collaborative efforts with organizations and business, the workshops have been successful. Over 400 students has participated and received study materials that include Barron’s ACT Flash cards and the REAL ACT study guide.  Also, to help families that are unable to pay for the actual test fee, the Crowley Foundation has incurred the fee for 100+ students.


10389756_xxlSmallThe Practice Tests

The practice test are offered 2-3 times per year to middle and high school students, to ensure proficiency and progress in the attaining of a high score. The students take the test and follow-up the next week for the score-back and receive test-taking tips. Studies have shown when students participate in the practice tests the following things occur:

Relief of anxiety

Improved score

Students feel more prepared to meet the requirements of their choice institution.


After reviewing the evaluations given on the last practice test, we received an outpour of positive feedback from the students and their parents.  Here are some of the comments:

“I got to see my actual score.”

“I liked how it made me feel more prepared for the real exam.”

“I liked how the test provided snacks and how the practice test was for free. Thank you so much.”

“I liked receiving the flashcards.”

“What I liked the most was the score back session with Jen because she made everything I needed to know about testing really clear.”

“I liked how organized it is.”

“I liked that I was able to learn how to take the ACT as a freshman.”