Ahmed is a graduate of Denver South High School


Crowley College Prep Scholarship Recipient

It is hard for an African American male of my generation to make something out of himself, we are constantly dragged down by society and guided into the wrong direction. Immigrant families cross oceans searching for a better tomorrow. With immigration comes exposure to a whole new culture and language. This “cultural shock” can be rather heavy on youth leading to identity issues. As a Sudanese youth, I experienced this identity issue and witnessed my friends experience it as well. We don’t know where we fit in today’s society ultimately because we feel the pressure to choose to identify as either American or African. This pressure can make immigrant youth susceptible to negative peer pressure. Furthermore, the majority of the immigrant families are low-income, thus drugs and violence are more prominent in our neighborhoods. There is a feeling of having nowhere else to turn but to drugs to numb the pain or gangs for a sense of a complete family. With such negative temptations, it is crucial to have resources such as The Crowley Foundation to turn to for a positive environment that encourages success

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Ahmed is a graduate of Denver South High School and he will be attending University of Colorado – Boulder. For this student and others donate to aid in a bright future! His Scholarship Awarded through Crowley College Prep is a testament to his hard work and diligent study.

CU-Boulder is a primary source of Colorado’s highly skilled workforce. Our community of more than 38,000 faculty, staff and students contributes over $2 billion each year in economic impact to the state of Colorado. CU-Boulder also engages Coloradans from across the state through a wide range of educational, cultural, research and outreach efforts.

CU-Boulder’s value comes from our students’ ability to customize their education to fit their unique interests while getting hands-on experience in dozens of nationally-ranked academics programs. Graduates gain the promise of a strong and fulfilling career, the connection to a broad and supportive network of alumni and the pride in being part of one of the nation’s top-ranked public universities.





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  • Date: 2016

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