Amber Corbett from Aurora West College Prep


Crowley College Prep Scholarship Recipient

Because I am a member of the Boys & Girls Club.  I am always around younger Club members, and I know they look up to me.  This makes me want to be successful to show them that hard work and dedication leads to success.  I also want to prove that you can be successful no matter where you live or grow up and that people who doubt you can’t stop you from being successful.   College is my step towards being successful. I am driving to be the first in my family to attend and graduate college, and know that success is possible with my background.

Crowley College Prep - Donate!For this student and others donate to aid in a bright future! Crowley College Prep is pleased to update you! Amber graduated from Aurora West College Preparatory Academy and will be attending West Colorado State University.  Western State Colorado University, also known as Western, is a four-year public liberal arts college located in Gunnison, Colorado. The enrollment stands at about 2,400 students with a high percentage, one-fourth, from out of state. The most common majors at Western are business, art, recreation, biology, environmental studies, and outdoor leadership. Within the advanced science department, 94% of the staff have a doctorate degree. Western also offers a petroleum geology program, founded and funded by Western State College alumni donations. The college also has one of the oldest collegiate radio stations in the state with 91.1 KWSB, which has been on the air since 1968.


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  • Date: 2014

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