Danielle Bobb of Denver East High School


Crowley College Prep Scholarship Recipient

Peer pressure is known by it’s dictionary definition as: social  pressure by members of one’s peer group to take a certain action,  adopt certain values or otherwise conform in order to be accepted.  It’s something that is constantly brought up in teen lives that forces  us to make those important choices.  It’s a test of our moral, our  mind set and our ability to handle important decisions without  screwing up.  I am faced with peer pressure among my peers. I always  take peer pressure seriously and take the precautions needed to make  the correct choices.

Crowley College Prep - Donate!For this student and others donate to aid in a bright future! Crowley College Prep is pleased to update you!  Danielle graduated from Denver East High School and she is currently attending Colorado State University. Colorado State University (also referred to as Colorado State and CSU) is a public research university located in Fort Collins, in the U.S. state of Colorado. The university is the state’s land grant university, and the flagship university of the Colorado State University System.

The current enrollment is approximately 30,700 students, including resident and non-resident instruction students.[4] The university has approximately 1,540 faculty in eight colleges and 55 academic departments. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in 65 fields of study, with Master’s degrees in 55 fields. Colorado State confers doctoral degrees in 40 fields of study, in addition to a professional degree in veterinary medicine.[5]

In 2012, CSU’s research expenditures were $340 million—ranking second in the nation for public universities without a medical school.[6]



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  • Date: 2011

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