Ruby Linkhart from Denver East High School


Crowley College Prep Scholarship Recipient

High expectations were set on me from the very beginning of my  education, from family members and teachers alike.  However, they  aren’t the ones that have forced me forward.  The heaviest expectations set upon me come directly from my own drive.  Being a perfectionist, an over-achiever, and ultimately hard on myself, is  both a blessing and a curse. Regardless, it has led me to where I am today.  I want to go to school because I am constantly reaching to do better, achieve more and stretch further.

Crowley College Prep - Donate!For this student and others donate to aid in a bright future! Crowley College Prep is pleased to update you!  Ruby is attending Cornell College. Cornell College is a private liberal arts college in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Originally called the Iowa Conference Seminary, the school was founded in 1853 by Reverend Samuel M. Fellows. Four years later, in 1857, the name was changed to Cornell College, in honor of iron tycoon William Wesley Cornell, who was a distant relative of Ezra Cornell (founder of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York).


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  • Date: 2012

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